Designer's Illustration Gallery

Personal information and Motion & Concept of arts: 

I'm 42 years old from N.C USA,I've been drawing since I was a kid. I love abstract and graffiti style. I really enjoy drawing in pen...I've done so e tattooing in the past but I really enjoy just sitting down,no plan and see what ends up on paper. For me art is a personal thing. I have no formal training,so my style varies. I go thru phases. Art is subjective an also very therapeutic! 

I feel it's a positive way to express yourself. I do have a side project I'm working on, illustrating my own comic book...bit that's down the road. I don't know if my art will lead to anything bigger for me, but I'm definitely going to continue drawing and creating either way! 

Interesting art that causes you to take a second look abstract, sometimes, colorful, usually open to interpretation.