Designer's Illustration Gallery

Personal information:

My name is Parisa Amiri, I am currently living in Norway and am the mother of two beautiful children. Ever since childhood, I always had a fascination with painting and was eager to pursue it professionally during my secondary education in my home country, Iran. Because of my family's religious background, I was however not allowed to pursue this dream at the time and was instead pushed in the field of mathematics and science. 

Motion & Concept of arts:

My life took a drastic turn at the age of 25, in the year 1995, when I was granted residency in the country of Norway. I was finally in an environment bound by no restrictions, allowing for my childhood dreams to once again come to life. From there, I continued my art education in Rogaland Kunstskole. I have explored different styles of painting such as  classical, figurative and abstract. I also worked with different materials such as acrylic and oil to bring my paintings to life.

My creativity was allowed to flourish through my paintings but came to a temporary stop in the year 2013 as I went through a divorce and had to put my work on the side.

The time I spent away from painting allowed me to gather my thoughts and develop new ideas which are now a fundamental part of my paintings today. After spending the time off, I re-emerged to the life of painting with full energy ready to apply my experience and my new perspective of the world around me on the canvas.

Finally, there are several factors which gives me the energy and drives my passion towards my work. This includes my family, my friends, the country I live in, and my day job at the flower shop.