Designer's Illustration Gallery

Personal information:

I am an independent artist originally from Moldova. I loved Art since childhood, but I started doing it quite recently. I started with simple drawings and gradually, as I gained experience, I move on to more complex drawings. I like to draw a fairly wide range of objects. I like topics about the future, robots, space, nature, animals, madness, mysticism and others. Many artists recommended that I choose one direction. But I cannot accept it. Because to choose one direction for me is to cut off my fingers. 

Motion & Concept of arts:

After all, I don't paint to paint, I paint to express an idea. I try to convey through my drawings a sense of beauty, joy, a feeling of a broken heart, a sense of madness, a sense of the experience that I have experienced in my life. And when I look at my drawings, because I do not leave them gathering dust on the shelves, they are even on my desktop, I remember how pleasant it was for me to make this drawing, or I remember how much nerves I wasted, because I do not have it turned out to draw as I wanted. But, in the end, I always feel nostalgia, because I want to experience the emotions transmitted through the drawing again and again, as if experiencing the same dream over and over again. And I am sincerely glad when someone appreciates my work. After all, it is always pleasant when someone sees your work, and even more pleasant when someone appreciates it. 

Connection with IEVVA:

And I am grateful to Ievva that it drew attention to me and offered cooperation. After all, with their help, my drawings, including a piece of my soul, will visit someone's home. And it is an indescribable joy when the ideas of a small person from a small country see the big world, People from Asia or America, Africa or Europe, Australia, different people with different cultures.