Designer's Illustration Gallery

Personal Information:

My name is BRIGHTON BERNARD MWEHOMBE,  Currently I am working as an artist and Italian teacher at Turnbull collage as well as volunteering at Pura Gratuita foundation for helping kids with needs in Tanzania.

I started to draw since as I was a kid as part of my hobby, I continued to train myself as long as I had family and friends supporting me. In 2014 I went to Italy for treatment (I had accident in 2004) alongside I studied art (home schooled) and Italia language. 

Motion & Concept of arts:

I started to draw cars and portraits of people as entertainment and to gain something when I was in school.  I developed my skills and try to find what medium fit me best but until now I consider myself as versatile artist.

My most preferred art is ballpoint pen with pencil colors. Due to fact that not so many artists use this style and it gives me challenges to develop my skills further more.

To send messages, entertainment, warnings and express my feelings to different people around the world and share my culture via visual stories and display. 


Before I start drawing I feel fear and self-conflict. The fear is for the audience whether they will accept my work and understand my message

During the creation of the artwork the feeling is mixed, confidence, overwhelmed and happy (because it’s the moment which defines if the idea was good enough and happy to know that am already in it)

After the creation again there is mixed feelings of fear and excitement for the accomplishment. 

Why I chose IEVVA

As an artist, I always struggle to find the best way to show the world what I do. During the struggle I find ievva and they offered what seems to be I have been looking for, The way out.

And a chance to consider myself as a professional artist, because the best feeling is to see my artwork around the world.