Designer's Illustration Gallery

Personal information: 

My name is Alexander Perandin Moreira, 52, born in São Paulo and currently living in Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil. I've been drawing and painting professionally since I was 16, and my focus is on representing reality.

I really like painting portraits and drawings of everyday objects. I also design book covers. I am a member of the Literary Academy in my region. 

Motion & Concept of arts: 

I mainly work with coffee and scratchboard painting techniques.

On a scratchboard, which consists of painting the background black and scraping the drawing, revealing white lines, I found the ideal way to express the aspect of memory and the feelings that memories bring.

It is as if the dark background were the subconscious, and the images in white lines were the reconstitution of memories of objects, animals, people lost in each other's time and experience, emerging into consciousness.

The visualization of the works leads to an introspection, which generates a very special feeling and feeling for each observer. 

Connection with IEVVA: 

The IEVVA represents a way to show the world my art in a popular way, printing the drawings on clothes, and allowing people to have contact with art in a subjective way, so that they can spread it to the environments in which they find themselves.